Staffing & Recruitment

Inuson is a leading IT & Non IT recruitment agency in USA.

Permanent Placement

With our extensive local and international network and fully digitalised sourcing approach, we're confident that we're able to find the best candidate for any role.

Temp Staffing

As industry pioneers, we were among the first to realise and maximise the commercial benefits of hiring staff on a temporary basis.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

It's a competitive world, and when you've got too many balls in the air it's easy to take your eyes off one. Businesses need to innovate, stay one step ahead, respond to changing market dynamics.

Managed Service

In today's fluctuating financial climate, many organisations worldwide rely on employing a contingent workforce. After all, having people in place when demand is high is vital.

Talent Management

Our world changes every day. That's no different in the business world. Prospects, priorities, objectives and opportunities can move at a moment's notice. And that means people need to move too. Take on new roles. New responsibilities. Perhaps even a whole new work location.